WO for almost 2 years, was so happy until now...SOS!

Hi all! First post ever on any kind of forum like this.

Very similar to @TaliaArr in that I’ve been doing this a long time and I’m getting ready to quit, but we have different hair textures so thought I’d create a new post. I have very fine, very straight hair, and it used to be super limp before no-poo, but no longer (yay). I’ve been no poo for about 3 years, water only for almost 2 years. Have been using a BBB and wooden comb as well. For most of that time my hair was really short, so I suppose some of these issues may have been there before but are now more obvious now that my hair is shoulder length. For the past 6 months or so, I have had intermittent struggles with dry scalp (if I gently rub my scalp small white flakes fall out, not like dandruff), greasy hair behind my ears, clean roots but greasy, stringy hair at the middle and dry at the ends. It looks as pretty as it sounds :sob: I have long used corn starch to absorb oil and for volume, but it doesn’t feel “clean” to me, and eventually ends up looking dirty and oily if I touch it too much. I tried a coconut oil mask in April which I had to wash out with castile soap and I rue that day still. I’ve tried a honey wash, which used to be a nice revival for my hair in the past, did nothing, tried spraying ACV on wet hair, nope. I am THIS CLOSE to going super short again, which wouldn’t be the worst thing, but I wanted to see how WO worked with my newly long hair, since I always hated my long limp hair in the past before no-poo. Well, I hate it now too!

Like @HopeK, I started NP/WO for less work and better hair and to limit my consumption of toxic chemicals and destruction of the environment. I don’t want to have to collect rainwater (which in NYC is probably radioactive anyway) or make lots of concoctions (although I am looking into reetha/shikakai/amla powder, but I’ve heard it darkens your hair which I don’t want).

Sorry for this novel of a post, but I am desperate for your wisdom! Thanks in advance for your time :pray:

I was exactly on the same point as you are. I desperately went for the brush only (BO) but switched to WO (with all kinds of water, diluted ACV etc). And was still hoping for ‘that moment’, that your hair would become ‘perfect’ what you hear people talking about… Until I did some research again. That with WO your hair swells due to the water absorption but looses/strips its oils. That is most likely why you have dead ends and a greasy scalp since it needs overcompensation. At least I had the same issue and I feel like this was happening. So I just switched two weeks ago to a all natural SOAP made of oils (no surfactants!!) and my hair SMELLS good, and honestly looks soo much better! I really wanted it not be necessary but my hair definetly looks so much healtier. I still am surveying how fast my hair becomes greasy. But just to let you know, I know the frustration of the ‘unfulfilled promise’ of nice hair and don’t feel bad if this process may not work for your hair.