Wavy/curly hair help - benefits don't seem to outweigh the costs(=effort!) Ready to quit!


My hair: long wavy/curly

My old routine: once/week shampoo, condition every other week. Brush my hair every other week under the shower. Rub the ends of my hair with almond oil. That’s it. Day 1 my hair was always static-y/frizzy but my curls would get better and better each day and I wouldn’t have to do anything for it!

I decided to go fully water only no poo for the month that I was on vacation in the Philippines. This was because I figured salt water would mask the oiliness. It was still sometimes greasy/waxy but no one seemed to notice that I hadn’t shampooed in weeks. I was doing absolutely nothing! No combing, no brushing, just sometimes scratching my scalp under the shower.

Since I’ve been back in Europe (more than a month), my waves/curls have disappeared, hair is breaking and hair close to scalp is often waxy/greasy. I’ve tried everything: scratching, preening, brushing, combing - combinations of these. Nothing really gets my curls back and my hair is breaking a ton whenever I do use any of these techniques. Moreover, this is all so much work! So much more work than I was used to before I went fully no poo.

I’m ready to give up because I don’t even know what the benefits are anymore! I barely used to use shampoo and only used a tiny bit of oil so my costs were like 20eur a year! And I didn’t have to do anything at all! All the tips I’ve read (general and special for curly hair) seem super labour intensive.

I was hoping my hair would look nicer but now it’s just more work for less-nice hair. Flatter curls, greasy at the top, dry at the bottom and breaking tons!!

Does anyone have any golden tips to make this all easier? Or reasons why I should keep it up?? Or should I just quit no poo and go back to my zero-effort once/week normal shampoo routine??


Since beginning to use a boar bristle brush is the greasiness/waxiness of my hair less problematic and the waves/curls are slightly nicer than before. But now i suddenly have dandruff?! I’ve never had dandruff in my life! Any ideas on why this might be and how I can eliminate it?