Water only is not cleaning my hair

Hi, I’ve been shampoo free for 9 months, I want to be 100% water but have been having problems with it. I have used vinegar (no baking soda) and egg. Love the feel of my hair after egg as it actually feels properly clean and silky smooth BUT it leaves it smelling like… well, egg!! Vinegar seems good for my roots (can’t get egg too close to my scalp or it makes it really itchy) but leaves my hair feeling greasy and, again, smells like vinegar.
So, I want to just be 100% water only BUT whenever I try do just water it just leaves my hair waxy and unmanageable. I can’t get a brush through it at all, it mats really easily, it’s just horrible. Bizarrely my scalp loves being water only and doesn’t really seem to produce any excess sebum… So why is water only causing such problems for the lengths of my hair?
A couple of questions in particular for you water only folk:

  1. Does the frequency of water only washes matter? Like, do you have to wash fairly regularly to keep the sebum moving and being washed out? I’m in the habit of only washing once a week or sometimes once a fortnight, as my scalp doesn’t really seem to suffer any build up.
  2. If I persevere with water only am I ever going to experience that “clean hair” feel you get with an egg wash?
  3. Do you have to brush regularly? How regularly?
    Again, I haven’t really been bothering… I’m sort of in the habit of letting my hair alone apart from the occasional wash… And I’m wondering if my lax approach to haircare is not compatible with the water only method!!!
    Thanks for reading the essay! :slight_smile:

i can only share my method/ routine…
i have medium length curly hair.
id typically not get me hair wet in the shower aprt from the ‘washes’ averaging once a week or two, i tend to crank the heat up and have a good finger scrub in a few directions, and a brush with a wide tooth comb (cury hair reasons)
a medium towel dry and thats it! the next day my curls are dry and normal, thats been me for 5odd years!

hope it helps!

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Have u hard water?
I wash my hair only water what i do is wash with hot water and i rub and rub my scalp like it was shampo i do that like 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water plus i brush my hair under the wather to deetangle my hair. Im a month doing that and helps i just want to try with ACV to see if that moisture the hair so well like people say :wink: