Tip: Going Water-Only Without Greasiness/Smell


Just sharing a method that worked for me.

When you wash:

  1. Wash your scalp thoroughly with water only.
  2. Apply any shampoo/conditioner that you normally use, but don’t get it on your scalp. This may involve dragging the shampoo along your hair with your fingers. (A tiny bit will inevitably get on your scalp - don’t aim for perfection, just go carefully.)
  3. Wash out products.

In future:
3. Repeat above, starting with your normal frequency, but gradually spacing out the shampoo/conditioner use. Use it as often as required to avoid a greasy look/smelliness.
4. Eventually you can drop the shampoo/conditioner altogether.

My theory as to why this worked for me: a scalp over-produces sebum when you use harsh detergents. So, simply stop using these products on your scalp. Your scalp doesn’t “know” that you are still using them on your hair, so it ramps down the sebum production. Then you can give up the shampoo/conditioner. Hope this helps someone!


No others methods have worked for me yet, even after 2 months of water only wash, corn starch and eventually baking soda I still have greasy hair. But this carefull use of shampoo sounds interesting, I am for sure going to try this out!
Thank you for sharing! :smiley:

Thanks, maccydg! Sounds a great idea.

I’ve been WO for ca six weeks, and must admit tha the greasy smell is a bit off-putting; I’d been meaning to look at tea-based hair rinses in the hope that this might help, but shall give your shampoo/conditioner idea a go - just using a tiny bit as I’m sure that’s all that’s needed to mask/remove that distinctive odour!

I’ll probably do it very infrequently (desperate last measures), but shall certainly give it a go! :slight_smile:

It’s not really wash related but I have been burning essential oils recently and found that my hair has been smelling rather lovely because of that for at least a few days!

Though the actual smell of your hair is fairly natural and I’d be surprised if anybody else other than a significant other would notice it or even be bothered. It’s not a bad smell it’s just that the media would have you think any natural thigh your body does is repulsive!