The Start of my No Poo Journey

So I’ve heard about this ‘no poo’ several times on the internet but I was always wary of trying it for several reasons but now, after several reasons, I’ve decided to ditch the poo.
I’m a white female with long thick darkish blonde hair and I’ve ALWAYS had a problem with dandruff, if I tried normal shampoo or even certain anti dandruff shampoo my scalp would freak out sometimes to the point of getting psoriasis.
I had a VERY strict hair routine in the shower which is why my showers would take up to 45 mins and I would wash my hair one day, miss the next and wash again.
Today is my first day and instead of my strict hair washing routine I’ve given my hair a good rinse with warm water (NOT hot) and massaged my scalp.
The tips of my hair dried off extremely quickly which I wasn’t used to but hours later my hair was still a little damp on the top of my head except it wasn’t damp at all and my hair is going MENTAL with producing sebum, that’s what I get for my strict hair routine which never worked anyway…
I’ll admit I was unprepared and rushed out to buy a boar bristle hair brush and after an hour of wandering around I managed to find a Denman Grooming Brush from Boots for just under £10, the box says ‘natural bristle’ but after a quick check online I was able to confirm that it was boar bristle WOOHOO!
I raced home and brushed my hair and now all that lovely sebum is coating more of my hair and looks like I’ve dumped a truck load of hair gel onto the top of my head and I look like the biggest twit this side of Lancashire which is pretty bad seeing as I’m from Yorkshire.
Despite all this I can already feel a HUGE improvement with my scalp, I’m not itching and there’s zero flaking already which is a mega plus in my books. My hair has barely any knots and usually after brushing my hair in a morning 5 mins later I’d be fighting with a huge tangle, any knots I’ve come after today have been tiny and easily slipped out just by running my fingers through it.
Needless to say I already can’t wait to get through this transitioning phase but I’m glad that I was able to find this forum and it’s a pleasure to be able to start this journey with you all!

Great to hear! Just an FYI, when I first started the no poo lifestyle I used water only and had no problems, but when the weather got really dry my scalp got itchy and flaky. I started using apple cider vinegar (plenty of different techniques you can find on this forum) and it has solved all my problems. Cheers!

I am going to start No poo from tmr . I actually came to know about it today . It seems after reading your experience it’s better to use only water??