Sudden grease after 4 months?

Hello, I’m new here on this forum and new to ‘no-pooing’ too. I hadn’t heard of ‘no-pooing’, only today I stumbled across it on the internet. I met a girl on my travels who hasn’t used hair products for five years, only water, her hair is beautiful. So I decided in that moment to do the same. My hair became a little greasy at the beginning but then it started to look quite good, I thought that my hair had taken quite well to it, it wasn’t greasy and it didn’t smell bad, actually, it smelled quite nice. It’s been 4 months now, but in the last 2 weeks my hair has reacted quite strangely ever since I used coconut oil. My hair is very straw like and even though it had gotten better, it was still a little bit dry so I’d heard to put coconut oil in the ends and wash it out. Since then my hair has gotten greasy again, really greasy!! The coconut oil has definitely been washed out. Why do you think my hair has suddenly gotten greasy (and very smelly actually)? Is it a late reaction? Maybe the coconut oil reacted with my hair somehow? Even when I wash it, it’s still wet and I can feel the grease… I’ve now started washing it everyday and spending a good 20 minutes washing it haha… but nothing. Still greasy. Why after 4 months?
Any help/advice would be much appreciated, thank you. :slight_smile:

@JROI I recently experienced a similar situation where my hair all of a sudden became very greasy. For me it was after I went swimming in a public pool with chlorine. Odd right? I think what caused it was a mixture of my glands overreacting to chlorines drying effect and the shampoo I have been using which is made of natural oils and murumuru butter, might be a little too heavy for my hair.

I wonder if you came into contact with anything like that? I haven’t used coconut oil in a few years I find my hair soft and moisturized enough after no pooing for a good length of time. Try using the ACV rinse with some essential oils. Let me know how it goes!