Starting out with only water in puberty, good idea? any tips?

Hi guys

I’m 17 years old (in the midst of puberty) and started to wash my hair with just water for the past ~10 days.
I have just now found out that this No Poo movement existed and I’m severely intrigued.
I have shoulder long, wavey, to curly hair and I had to wash my hair every other day with shampoo and conditioner for it to look nice.
And now after those 10 days, my hair is still thoroughly greasy. I know the transitioning time can be quite long, but in a few days school starts again and I don’t want my hair to look like I haven’t showered in two weeks.
What are some tips for starting out with the water only method? Can I use conditioner and still become independant of shampoo?
Also, my mum said that I should probably wait with the no poo thing, since I’m still in puberty and my hormones are overproducing that grease anyway. Should I just wait until I’m older until I do no poo?
Thanks to everyone for reading!

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Honestly, one poster posted how she got mites and her hair fell out. I think that is totally true. I finally washed my hair with shampoo and have been washing only once a week. The itching is gone and I’m sure there were mites. No more hair falling out too. I would not do this at all. Just wash once a week so you’re not overwashing. There is a reason people use shampoo the last century. Without it you can get diseases.

Listen to Mum! Don’t do it.