Scalp won’t produce oil 😩

About six weeks in to water only, technically maybe only a month bc a henna treatment set me back to square one. I have lots of fine curly hair, 1-inch past my shoulders. Seemed to have complete sebum coverage washing daily in cold distilled water until this weekend and it’s All Gone. Only difference was that I used a silk scrunchie to move that was $4 on Amazon (and perhaps not actual silk in hindsight). Any advice? Starting rinsing in warm water to start my scalp going but I’m wondering if it removes too much. My strands still smell like sebum (not the gross smell, just the me kind) but my canopy is SO Frizzy and dry. Help!

Rinsing with warm water can encourage too much bacteria (wrong bacteria) to populate your scalp if your PH is off.
I wouldn’t rinse daily, maybe weekly (I personally rinse my hair through once a month at most) and if the hair/scalp gets dry, use some hair serum/oil (small pea in the palm, rub hands together, have at it) and comb/brush through with a damp brush /w a soggy-hand scalp massage to keep things hydrated. Hydration will keep the frizz down, the serum/oil will help keep the moisture locked in the strands.
Cornflour can help bring the PH balance back to order, small amount massaged into the scalp.

Oh I didn’t realize ph could make your hair stop producing oil. I was worried if I didn’t wash it that it won’t get hydrated, but do you find your scalp finally gets greasy after a week or so?

I was putting oil in my hair before but it ended up removing the sebum I had and getting even dryer a few days later so I stopped. I sprayed in diluted ACV briefly today and only rinsed with cold water, didn’t seem to help too much. Saw things about egg yokes conditioning (as well as egg whites making scalp so dry it overproduced so I was tempted to just do something like that to freak it out).

Hi there, don’t give up! Make sure that you are using only water and nothing else! That ‘something else’ may be the one stripping your oils.

I am a water only since December 2018 and my hair doesn’t smell and it produce natural oils. My hair is shiny and has curls at the end because of the oils. It’s looks amazing but I am a water only! Unlike others who professed to be water only yet they use baking powder, apple cider vinegar, no. I am water only since Christmas.

Don’t give up. Keep going. Maybe you have lots of hair and it takes a while to produce oils for all that hair.

I am a guy and I have short hair. Long as a Caesar cut.

Ahhh. I hadn’t thought about having more hair as an extra challenge. Yes, I have a TON of fine hair so it looks crazy thick but breaks easily. I stopped using anything else and washing with water way less frequently which has helped oil to accumulate. But my curls look frizzy constantly because of using a boar bristle brush to distribute the oils. Eventually will the frizz go away??? I can stick it out if it’ll stop being so frizzy eventually, my guess is that it’s still not covered all over. The bottom layers never get frizzy anymore, just the top but it’s the part everyone sees which sucks

My hair also goes frizzy after brushing (it did before I stopped washing it) I combat it by using a wide toothed comb after brushing. It separates the frizz into separate locks.