Only water as cleansing agent?

Okay I m new to nopoo. So hello to every one.
Today I came to know about nopoo and I now I m a nopooer. This is such an amazing movement that I couldn’t stop myself to join it.
As I m new here and want to start this with water only. So, I want to know, can water be a good cleansing agent and can it remove all the dirt particles from the scalp and hair?
Or should I start with anything else??

Please suggest and comment. All your suggestions will be valuable to me. Thank you

Hello, welcome :slight_smile:
First of all, you have to consider the nature of your hair : dry, oily or maybe both (sometimes it is oily on the scalp and dry at the ends), curly or straight hair… Take the product related to that and I can make a exhaustive list of all the product that exist. You have to try by yourself what you hair like :slight_smile:
For my part, water only is not working and I think it works better for dry hair.
For the dirt particles, it’s important to brush your hair everyday.

Just a little question to Fanny with regards to your comment…
What do you mean by “water only is not working and I think it works better for dry hair.”…?

Hi, I mean I think my hair greases too quikly -after 3 days- that’s why water only doesn’t work for me. If your hair greases slowly (that’s what I meant when I talked about “dried hair”), I think you could have more chances with that method.
I hope I made myself clearer :slight_smile:

Yeps, thanks Fanny, its clearer now :wink:

I am relatively new to “no poo”…And even newer to this forum and the so called “Movement”… I am one of those totally Happy-Go-Lucky types :grin: that after reading about this in the local paper, I thought “Hey, great idea…I am going to do that too”…So I just quit shampoo, conditioner and styling product. And only used water…

Apparently one can also use baking soda and apple winegar…I just did not know until now :smiley: …To me “No poo” was equal to “Water only”. And so far I have only have a miner setback one time where I had to use shampoo to get paint out of my hair and scalp (Note to self : use showercap when using spray painter for painting the sealings :confounded:). Otherwise I have been “No Poo” for 2 months and only using water to rinse…And my hair has never looked better…

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I’m 9 days without shampoo. I’d like to go right to just water - has anyone done this? My hair is currently oily - feels thick and a bit dry at the ends. Does this simply rectify itself with time - rinsing with warm/hot water in the shower and daily brushings???

Thanks !

Hi :smiley:
I started also with only water (and ACV as “no dandruff agent”) but I don’t think it was good for me. I think it’s good for who wants to wash hair daily, coz first 2 days hair was really good… In my opinion if you don’t want to wash hair daily, you should use at least something else, like baking soda+apple cider vinegar (remember: BS dry your hair so use ACV as conditioner). I don’t consider “only water” a good method.

Hi, I’m 7 days no-poo (just water washing every three days or so, and once I used diluted honey with a few drops of lavender essential oil). I think it depends on the type of hair you have as to whether water only will be good, my hair is really thick, coarse and wavy so it’s tolerating it well. No itchy scalp or dandruff, just a bit more oily than I’m used to. I hear this is a phase that will self correct. I didn’t have a transition period going off shampoo, I just quit and it’s been good so far! Also to help with dry ends I brush my hair with boar bristle every morning and night to distribute oils from the scalp.

Hey, I’m just going into week 4 and I have only used water from day 1 and I also ‘wash’ mine every 3 days or so. I make sure to massage my scalp a lot as this is where any buildup is usually, but it’s working for me. My hair isn’t squeaky clean but it removes a lot of excess oil and makes it publicly acceptable again. I also use a boar bristle brush which helps when it gets a bit oilier between washing with water. I have fine hair but lots of it and so far so good. I mean its not amazing, but we all have to go through this stage to get to the end and I don’t think it’s as bad as I thought it was going to be for sure!

Hello to everyone!
It has been almost half a year with no poo and now my hair looks so good and I am so proud to start this amazing adventure!!
I only use water.

But, I am concern about one thing… not in a near future, will the hair be more poor? Now I am not losing hair but I would like to know if in a future will happen that for not using shampoo.
Can someone tell me if only using water is a bad idea?
Thanks in advance:)

Hi , I have similar hair type - coarse and thick hair . can we use any kind of gel to enhance our curls or just leave after washing with water only.
Were you able to leave your hair down when you started no poo Méthod ?My hair are very dry -any information will be helpful!!