Oily problems- am I doing something wrong?

I’ve been water only for almost a year now and i “wash” my hair about 3 times a week. My hair feels and looks disgusting the first day. It’s clumpy and sticky and looks like I put a tub of cream on it. It gets better the third day onward but ALL the stylists i go to complain about the texture (my hairdresser couldn’t work with my hair so she HAD to shampoo it). I scritch and preen for exactly 5 minutes in the shower with lukewarm water then i dry it with a cotton t-shirt.
I’m beginning to suspect I’m doing something wrong. Any tips?

Hey, good for you for sticking with it for a year! Especially because you have not been enjoying the results :frowning:

What works for me is washing/massaging my hair in water as hot as I can stand to make the oil much more liquid, then blotting it off thoroughly straight away with a towel. This seems to be the main thing that helps. I do this every 1-3 days, which is better than I had before when I used shampoo I had to do it every day.

It’s interesting that you find it gets worse just after washing… How long is your hair, what type is it and do you use a natural bristle brush?

It’s actually pretty short i have a pixie haircut that reaches just the bottom of my skull. I’m not sure about the type (normal?) but i do know that it gets super frizzy when i shampoo (think: angry medusa/hair that literally stands up) so I can’t really use a brush because my hair explodes :sob: do you think I should start brushing and ignore the frizz?

Hello! It sounds like your hair is naturally curly? With your hair bring short it should be less damaged than longer hair. Has your hair been colored?

Brushing it with a natural bristle brush will help to distribute the oil along the hair length and encourage the hairs to lie together, which will reduce the frizziness.

I brush mine before washing as that’s when it’s oiliest, then the hot wash takes off the excess oil.

I found my hair is never frizzy any more. The natural oils just does its thing.

Don’t be afraid to keep experimenting, try changing something for a few days or weeks to see how your hair responds.

Good luck! Let me know how you get on.

I’m doing the water method for about a half year now.
It is still not ‘normal’. In the summer it was getting much better, you totally didn’t see that it was a bit greasy. But now its getting worse. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the seasons.
But I’m losing hope…

I wash my hair once or sometimes twice a weak. I brush my hair before washing.
What I did the last couple of times was also brushing it after the shower. And that made it a little bit better.

But still…

I do have long hair, and I have a lot of it. (A bit wavy).

Should I quit the only water method, and try the ACV or baking soda? Or other tips… ?


I have the same problem. Washing with warm water only 3 - 4 times a week for almost 3 months now and it still looks so sticky… It was the worst after one month, than it got a bit better but it still is sticky. I have really thin hair, maybe that is the problem…? I do notice it’s much more healtier! I use to wash my hair almost every day with shampoo and it broke terribly all the time. Now the ends are not even splitting yet :smiley: That’s the main reason to go on for me. I hope to have long hair again like I used to when I was 18… (I’m 24 now).

Anyway, I was thinking, what is the diffence of using soda and the shampoos of Lush? Lush is natural, no?

Thank for the replies

My daughter and I have been water only for 18 months. I avoid using water on my hair as much as I can because it feels horrible for a few days afterwards. I use a dry shampoo ( cornflour is our favourite) every few days and do a good brush out twice a day. When my scalp feels the need for a clean ( every two weeks or less) I use hot water and either my fingers or a flannel and just wash my scalp ( I have long hair). My hair ends a little damp at the roots but is mostly dry. This wash seems to shift itching and dead skin. I clean my brushes every few days which seems to help. Rubbing two brushes together gets rid of the build up of dry debris and I use whatever soap is to hand to remove greasy residue on the brush.

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to me it sounds like your water is hard. you need soft water.