No poo, but what about conditioner?

I’m new to no poo **waves hello to everybody and have been using water only for a couple of weeks. (I was going to try baking soda but I read on another forum that it can strip out colour.) Anyway, so far so good - my short hair doesn’t look awful and I’m not afraid to be seen :astonished:

I’m intending to give it at least another couple of weeks before I make a final judgement, but I’m wondering if it’s worth using ACV to rinse my hair? Will this give it some shine? Or is it just recommended to use ACV as a rinse for the baking soda method?

If I can use nothing at all, then great, but if I can give my hair any kind of natural boost, I’d be interested to know.

@Fiona_Thornton Definitely give ACV rinse a try! I just tried it and my hair all of a sudden became so soft and i could tell it was really rinsing my hair of the build up dirt. I recommend adding some of your favorite essential oils. You can make a mixture of hot water and ACV to rinse.

Thanks! I’ll give it a go and report back :slight_smile: