Moldable hair problem

Hey there,
I have been no poo for 3 weeks now. The transition has been quite easy for me (I think its because I had only been washing my hair every week before), but there is one thing about my hair that has not improved.
I have very fine and thin hair. Ever since no poo, its gets very strange. When I brush it downwards, it says super flat on my head. When I try to “fluff it up” it just stays upwards!
I think this is because of the increased natural oils on my scalp, but how can I fix this?
I have just been wearing my hair tied back to hide this problem, but I love having my hair down!

Hi; I have had a similar issue: No Poo (WO*) for ca 6 weeks, hair is fine (but I have lots of it, so people always assume it’s thick - it definitely isn’t) and not very porous. It is short and choppy (unlike yours) and I live in a soft water area. (*I did apply my usual permanent red dye a week or so ago, including using the conditioner that came in the packet afterwards; hair could prob do with a WO wash right now…!)

What seems to work for me is to scritch, massage, preen and BBB before going to bed (when my hair does exactly as you describe - either stays flat to my head if I brush downwards, or stands up towards the ceiling if I brush upwards). I fluff it a bit then, and it sort of does its own, surreal thing - but in the morning I run my fingers through it and it seems much more well behaved.

Hope that’s helps. Stick with it: three weeks in can feel like a lifetime but it’s still early days (that’s rich coming from me, given I’m only six weeks in myself!), so your scalp is still going through adjustment. Best of luck! :woman_red_haired:

Yes, one more vote for the massaging/scratching/scrubbing. I do this morning and night - a good old scrub all over as if you’re washing your hair. I also found that the boars hair brushes everyone else uses just stick my hair whichever way I brushed it, flat against my head or whatever, just like you’re describing so I’ve stopped using that for now and I just use a wide toothed comb (wide like the Afro combs) after I’ve scrubbed it in the morning (at night I leave it to do its own thing). Good luck :blush: