Losing hair after two months?

Hey guys,

I’ve been going no poo for about 2 months now and for the most part I think I’m past the greasy stage. The only problem is recently i’ve been losing a lot of hair, much more than usual and my hair actually feels like it’s a lot less thick than before. A lot comes out in and after the shower, and even throughout the day. Has anyone heard of this being related to not using shampoo? I can’t see many cases on the internet of this being because of the no poo method.

I wash my hair once a day with water only.

You might want to try adding an egg wash to your routine. Egg is full of protein and, as long as you’re not overdoing it, should strengthen your hair so that you’re not losing as much of it. I’m fairly new to no poo myself and am primarily water-only, but I’ve used the egg wash and have yet to have any problems with my hair falling out. I usually beat one egg, a tablespoon of cold water, and a tablespoon of honey for my wash once a month.