Any advice for beginners?

I have a couple of questions as a beginner, sorry for my english since it’s not my native language.

I live in a tropical area where its humid and always sweating from 1-4 pm. At some time my hair produce more oil than usual.

I have scalp issues pretty bad and tired of changing anti-dandruff shampoo which leaves no result at all and sometimes only make it worse, beside dandruff I also have an oily hair. I have a thick and wavy shoulder hair.

So I start to give this no poo a shot, is it okay if I use the water only treatment for my condition? or which treatment should I apply, any advice?
Secondly, when my hair is finally adaptated with no shampoo, what would happen if I use shampoo again? like when get a haircut at a saloon.

Any advice would help, Thank you!

Since everyone’s hair and scalp are different, it’s hard to predict what will work best for you. I would suggest that you make a gradual transition to going shampoo free!

I would suggest you start with less frequent shampoos. Starting with every other day, to every third day and so on. Make these changes slowly, maybe three weeks for each stage.

Next, try replacing every other shampoo with a combination of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and baking soda; use some baking soda, mixed with enough water to make a paste, and scrub your scalp with it. Since it’s the scalp that produces oil, focus your efforts there. Rinse your hair with a combination of ACV and water; splash some on your head, scrub a bit, splash more and scrub. If you can’t rinse all the baking soda away, or just want your head free of both, feel free to rinse with water. The ACV neutralizes the baking soda, and cleans your scalp.

This all may not work for you, depending on your age and your scalp’s production of oils. I think that younger people, who exercize a lot, tend to have oilier scalps. Plus the humidity and the sweat you produce might be too much to allow for a no shampoo regimen. But I think you’ll be able to at least reduce your use of shampoo if you transition gradually, from shampooing less often, to replacing shampoo with ACV and baking soda.

That’s how I started, and I like my hair a lot better now. I’ve even gotten compliments! I have less frizz, almost none, and my scalp doesn’t smell, even after a month without even rinsing! But I’m white, and I know people with natural hair (black) have hair problems that I have no clue about. Also, I live in the NE US, and humidity is not a problem most of the year.

Sorry for the long post. I tend to write too much. Good luck!