Almost 3 weeks in and wondering if I’m on the right track

Hi Everyone!

I really just want to make sure I’m doing this right and what’s going on is normal.

I have fine hair but a lot of hair! Friday will be week 3 day 1 for me, currently once a week I wash with water only and scrub/massage (not scratching with nails) and do the clamping process to help pull the oils down. I use warm-medium hot water for this first part, then I condition the ends of my hair and rinse my scalp and ends with cold water till my hair feels as clean as I can get it.

Every morning and night I massage my scalp, and rush the oils down my hair with a wooden brush. I’m vegan and really don’t want to get a boars hair brush, so if someone has a vegan brand they love please let me know!

Before my hair was a living walking grease pit, before this process I was lucky if I could get a second day of not washing. Now, I feel like the oil production of my hair has calmed down significantly. I can see the roots of my hair really aren’t that bad, though I just have so much grease build up on my hair that you can’t tell. Even to the touch the roots of my hair do not feel oily or gross. I’m not having problems with any odor or gluey feeling. It’s just really really oily.

Does anyone have a suggestion that would help get ride of the excess greasy off my hair? Or do I just need to be more patient? Last week I did try conditioning my hair root to tip and it actually helped removed some of the excess oil that my hair has been holding onto, by day 3 my hair was back to its greasy self. What have you guys found to help remove some of the excess grease/oils from your hair?

Hi Allimary:

I would recommend holding off on the conditioner if your hair is already oily. It obviously doesn’t need moisturized if it’s oily. I’d try and go 4-7 days between washes to give your head time to rest and produce it’s natural oils. Have you tried a diy dry shampoo? That may help temporarily reduce some of the oil in between washes until your sebum production regulates. Check out: and the ebook found there. It helped me get started and has lots of great advice!

Good luck!

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Hi Allimary
Sounds like you’re doing great! Like you, I have fine hair but a lot of it (so people - especially hairdressers in the past* - used to comment on how thick it was). Also

The excess oil does sound pretty normal, from all the reading I’ve done, but would agree that you may want to cut back on using conditioner (it sounds like your hair doesn’t need it, and it may have been the extra wash you had to give it - to wash out the conditioner - that removed the excess oil you refer to). If you feel you need to condition, I’d suggest just concentrating on the tips, as you did to start with.

I’m wondering, too, if you might be overstimulating your scalp by massaging your scalp twice daily? I do scritch/massage/preen + BBB (totally respect your use of a wooden brush, though) every evening, before I go to bed. Just a thought! It sounds like what you’re doing generally is fine, and you’re just going through the transition phase. (I’ve just realised you posted almost three weeks ago, so it’d be interesting to know how your hair has been now you’re 5-6 weeks in.)

Good luck!