Almost 3 months and still greasy hair- help!

I began without knowing about the brushing method, so for 2 weeks I did nothing but water- then washed with baking soda and rinsed with ACV. I did the same the next 2 weeks (only used baking soda twice). It was terrible for my hair and made more fall out than usual. Then I discovered raw egg and that worked well but my hair was getting dirty in between so I stopped it. Then I was recommended using the brush and herbal tea in vinegar, so I did that. The brushing helped but after using the rinse more than once in a week my scalp got really itchy so I went to once a week. It’s been almost 3 months, 3 weeks with nothing but water and tea/vinegar once a week, with brushing. And my hair still looks and feels greasy. Plus I’m getting gunk build up in little patches near the bottom and creating tangles, so I still have to shampoo the bottom now and then to remove the buildup and avoid tangles. I’m about ready to give up. I have very fine and oily hair. Should I continue or is my hair just never going to clean itself? I’m so over this. Help!

Hi, I know how you feel! I’ve gone 6 months now, using egg white and BS/ACV and am constantly greasy. Still waiting for the nice hair to start! I absorb grease with Tapioca Starch. Feel like giving up but don’t want to go back to shampoo. So sorry I can’t offer any additional advice or give any positive words, but you’re not alone! x

Try shikakai powder. It is very good cleanser and your hair will be clean like after shampoo…i use shikakai,amla and neem powder. Mix all together with some water…like a paste and aplay it on wet hair. Rub like shampooing and rinse. Or you can try with rye flour.

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I haven’t used shampoo for 2.5 years now and it’s only in the last 6 months I’ve really nailed it. I don’t get all this the advice on the internet about rinsing your hair with ACV or bicarb or anything, isn’t the whole point that you let your hair get back to it’s natural state? Makes no sense to me…

Anyway, in my first 2 years my hair was really hit and miss. Sometimes it went really nice and soft, sometimes it was gross, most of the time it was somewhere in between where it didn’t look too bad but didn’t feel very nice. All I was doing was brushing everyday and washing once every 7/10 days maybe. I then changed my shower head to one with a filter which improved my hair quite a lot. The biggest improvement I’ve seen though was when I started having cold showers. A lot of the advice says to rinse your hair with hot water to get rid of all the excess oils. I think that just stripped my hair like shampoo and then your scalp over compensates for the next week. My hair is almost always soft now and rarely greasy, I don’t need to brush it everyday to distribute the oils, and I’ve tried washing my hair every day and washing it once every 7/10 days and it seems to stay the same. If it does get a little greasy I can just brush it and it’s usually good to go.

So my advice would be 1. Cold water only 2. Attach a shower filter 3. Boar Bristle brush 4. Experiment with wash frequency, It makes no difference to my hair now. 5. Forget all this other stuff people experiment with, just let nature do it’s thing!

…I also don’t have to do the daily scritch and preen and is often advised. I feel like the whole process is getting over egged. Keep it simple!


You can try equal parts of finely ground rye flour and water. It will give hair nutrients and vitamins needed. Also there are some organic clays you can use. There are many great recipes for different hair types at some advertisements but, very helpful site. Beer and egg but only to be used occasionally as can cause breakage if used too much.

I’m having the same issue. I’m 6 months in now and use rye flour mixed with water every 7 days. plus a quick water rinse after work outs 2 times a week.

I brush with a clean boars hair bristle brush twice a day.

no matter what I do, the greasyness won’t go away. I expected a long transition period, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

what am i doing wrong to stop over producing oils?

What kind of shower filter did you get? What is it removing from the water? We have a well & our water is hard, lots of minerals. The only product out there that removes minerals is a full blown water softener system installation

The filter you bought sounds like it attaches to your shower head directly.

I’ve been no poo for 14 months & hair is waxy all the time. In that time I used a vinegar rinse about 6 times. Otherwise only water as part of my daily shower.

After reading everyone’s stories & advice I am going to invest in a boar bristle brush & begin lots of brushing. If a shower head filter also helps I hope to eventually reach the place you have.

Please let me know what type of filter you bought. Thanks!

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Need i mix water for rye flour too? Or just put it dry and then in the shower? Thxn im new to this!

Use these 3 herbs this combination makes a natural shampoo
Amla 50gms
Reetha 25gm
Shikakai 25gms
Don’t take powders take the herbs, Soak in pot for 14-24 hrs then remove seeds from reetha and shikakai and the again put the peels again in the same pot. Boil the mixture, you will see bubbles forming then boil well until it become soapy. You’re all done then, you can add lavender essential oil drops to mask the smell.
It is easily available in any Indian or Pakistani grocery stores.
It’s very effective give it a try