Advice on hair loss please!


I’ve recently gone ‘no poo’ opting for the water only. I had slowly introduced my hair to no poo by cutting down the amount I shampooed. It seems to be going alright after a month I still seem to be stuck in the greasy phase which I’m managing okay as it’s not awful just a bit icky.

My problem though is that when I’m brushing I seem to be getting a lot of hair coming out, this is normal for me however there seems to be more coming out recently and just wondered if anyone else had experienced this too. The hair sometimes has dusty fluffy bits in too which I thought was weird.

Any advice would be great thank you!

I noticed a lot more hair in the brush/ comb when I stopped with shampoo. I think it’s because I’m getting less out when I wash. My hair actually feels thicker overall though, so :woman_shrugging:.

Is the dusty fluff kinda greasy too? I get that on my brush, I think it’s dead skin cells plus the grease and I’m now removing it with a brush rather than shampoo so I notice it.

Okay, I’m glad it’s not just me. I had fears I was going to lose it all!!

That’s so weird, least I’m brushing it out at least. Thank you!

I started out no poo over 10 yrs ago with the diluted baking soda/ACV, now using light rye flour/ACV the past ~2 yrs. I have a LOT more hair on my comb (I don’t brush) immediately post-washing, otherwise it seems about the same. My problem is thinning hair as I age which I really wish I could stop; I don’t blame it on the no poo lifestyle at all. I’m going to look for threads on this.