2 Months of No Poo and itchy scalp


I’ve been doing No Poo for roughly 2 months, I’ve been only using cold water (as i only shower using cold water) to clean my hair and I wash my hair either everyday day or every other day. With this I always end up getting an itchy scalp on the day I wash my hair, but only before bed. My scalp ends up being extremely itchy and flaky we can be very irritating as im trying to fall asleep, so I was wondering if I could get some help otherwise I’m thinking of quiting No Poo and going back to my old ways.

Thanks for any help!


Hi Gabriel, Don’t quit! A few times a week use very warm water on your hair and massage as if you’re using shampoo but only using water. This will help unclog your scalp and stop itching. When you do feel an itch massage rather than scratch. It will make the itch go away and not damage any hair folicles. Get a soft boar bristle brush and brush your hair often. It will destribute the sebum and feels so good on your scalp. It also helps unclog any issues and you shouldn’t have as much itching. The boar bristle brush you can get called “Egg” on Amazon very cheap. It’s a game changer! It also makes your hair really shiny. It was used in the old days to great success.

Thanks Kelly for the help, I do have one more question regarding brushes. I realised that each time I brush my hair my brush becomes white after brushing my hair. I’m assuming this is from dandruff or flaky scalp.
Would you have any idea or recommendations to fix this?

Thanks again for any help, Gabriel

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