Wondering about using natural oils?


Im new to no poo and have been trying to grow my previously colour damaged hair out. Because my hairs so dry im not too keen on using BS. Will it be bad to just wash my hair with water and use natural oils (castor, almond and coconut) on the ends of my hair after washes??



Baking soda is not the only option; you can also look at using rye flour, Rhassoul clay or Kaolin clay to wash your hair with as they are all fairly gentle. If your hair is quite dry, you might also consider washing it with a honey-water mix. There is plenty of information out there on all of these and how to wash with them. Good luck!


I’ve been just using water from day 1 and am currently on week 4 and mine is fine. I don’t think you’ll have any problems if you want to try it. Besides it’s not like you can’t change your routine if it doesn’t work for you - give it a go!