Where to find a boar bristle brush?

Apparently, everyone here has a boar bristle brush and I am dying to try one as well. However, I have no idea where to find them. I’ve been checking out the brushes in several stores and no where “boar bristle brush” is noted. I do see brushes with hairs that LOOK as though they could be boar bristle brushes but how can you tell it’s boar hair instead of a similar material?

I got this brush off of Amazon - it’s a combined boar bristle/detangling brush and is quite possibly the best brush I have ever owned. It distributes the oil evenly through my hair just as well as a standalone boar bristle brush and leaves my hair feeling silky and soft.

Got mine off eBay for about £4, brand new.

I’ve just ordered one from Wish.com … search for “Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush”, for about $NZ5. Hope it does the job but then I’ve not used a hairbrush for decades …!

They’re usually in the ethnic hair sections of stores like Walmart, cvs, etc.

Hi, I found a cheap brush in Lidl that had some sort of bristle in it. I doubt it was boar but it’s good enough, I think the idea is it seems to pull the grease down the hair shaft as well as absorbing it a little. I also use it underwater in the bath!

mine is by a brand called ‘B.y Honey’ off Amazon, cost £9

Mine is from amazon by GranNaturals
Costs £9.99

Using synthetic boar bristles isn’t totally a bad thing! :smiley_cat::boar::heartpulse: