What will my hairdresser think/say about my 'unwashed' head when I need a cut?


I’m three weeks into my first 'No Poo" trial.
In a few weeks I’ll need my hair tamed a bit by a professional.
Anyone had a reaction - positive or negative from a salon? They do love their ‘products’.


Hey, i’m in exactly the same position! I was thinking of asking for a ‘Dry cut’ or ‘Wet cut’ which I think most hairdressers offer so they cut my hair either dry without washing or spray it with water to make it damp before cutting it. That way I don’t have to explain or ask for no shampoo to be used. Also, I think I would have a shower and wash my hair just with water before I went. This is how I normally wash my hair now - with just water and it takes away some of the oil. Hope this helps