What nopoo regime do you use?

Just wondering what other things people use in their hair that they have found work that are NOT BC and ACV (which I do not think work for me personally)

I’m not an expert, but maybe raw honey or aloe vera will work for you?

for the first year I did an egg yolk wash once a month then made a rye flour pasted 2 twice a month with an ACV rinse. Then I use my dry shampoo between the 3 washes (arrow root, cinnamon, coco powder, and tea tree oil)

Recently moved to less hard water so this mix is no longer working for me (it’s worse than my original transition). I tried aloe like EcoMiranda mentioned but had no luck. Also tired the raw honey shampoo with no luck =[

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I personally use rye flour and egg masks once a week and then once a month I use a weak bcs and acv wash instead, just for a deeper clean

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Water only, with an occasional “wash” with Pantene Pro V conditioner that I bought way back in my shampooing days.