What No Poo subjects do we need more content on?

At https://www.nopoomethod.com/ there’s currently already pages on the following subjects…

I want to add some more pages to the website on other subjects related to No Poo. Keen for suggestions of some other topics you’d like added to the site?


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We have and Skin and Hair DETOX as devised by Dr Arvind Poswal - request you permission to post about that. It has many DIY natural toxin free recipes at www.fusehair.com

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I would be very interested in any info on Ayruvedic (sp?) Herb washing. I use Ritha (soapnuts)Amla,Brahmi,etc. I’m a newbie at this, and COULD really use some advice from more experienced users.

Hi there. New to the forum. I’ve been no poo for 4 months but my kids have from birth. I’ve just got a puppy who will also follow this method. So recommendations and strategies for pets please.

Colored hair advice!

Yes, would like more feedback on if a person can avoid shampooing without damaging her hair when she swims…


(Only one week poo-free) My suggestion for a topic is this: I have a very short haircut, and use a lot of product in my hair. Over time will all of the hairspray, gel, etc. build up, or does the BS/ACV strip it out of hair?


Did you get any advice about no poo and swimming? :blush:

I did not! Do you have any? Have you heard anything about using eggs to clean your hair?

I go swimming regularly and have found wetting the hair with cold water, then wearing a swimming hat and ‘washing’ with cold water after swimming works. It does get a bit ‘waxy’ if I swim more regularly than normal. On those occasions, I dry with a hairdryer and apply a very little corn starch. Brush it through and hey presto!
I use an egg yolk mixed with a tablespoon of cold water once a week. I leave it in for 15 mins, before showering it out with luke warm water. REALLY makes my hair lovely! If it’s a bit waxy in the week again, I do the old corn starch routine.
As I’m learning, no poo is all experimental!
I’ve been no poo for 6 months and it’s going well. My hair is definitely fuller. And in better condition. It has no split ends at all.
If swimming messed it up completely I’d have to have a rethink…swimming is THAT important…:blush::blush::swimming_man:‍♂:swimming_man:‍♂
How are you getting on? What are your experiences? :blush:

Hi, I think there may be a lot of people like myself that have are getting a waxy build up, supposedly, from hard water. I’m new here and the wax problem is why I joined. Everywhere else that I’ve read about hard water and wax build up ends with people upset and giving up, unless, they use distilled water. Especially, if they are trying the water only method. Some even bought showerhead filters and things like that without any luck.

Boar bristle brush benefits would be good. Dry shampoo/corn starch.