What happens if you wash once with shampoo after months of nopoo?

Hi. I have been washing my hair with water only for the past six months or so. The first few weeks were pretty oily but it came right and since then has been fine.

My question is this: if I wash my hair once with shampoo now, does that “reset” my hair’s oil balance, and will it then take another month of ickyness before it comes right?

(My reason to use shampoo is I want to go in a float (sensory deprivation) tank again, and they require you to wash your hair with their shampoo to strip all the oils out of it, in order to keep the float tank clean. Floating is awesome but it would be a downer if I ended up with awful hair for a month every time I do it!)

No, one odd wash every couple-several months should have no real affect on your hair. It is imo no different than an odd cheat day on a diet.

However, I am unfamiliar with the type of shampoo they will use- so there may be a transition period afterwards (but I am thinking days at most). I just don’t think it will set you back to square one.