What about Lush shampoo?


Hi, I was wondering if Lush shampoo is as bad as normal schampoo? They say it is all natural, no?


I thought this as well, sadly, having looked at their ingredients list, it looks to me like they still use sodium lauryl sulphate or similar surfactants in most of their shampoos. They probably are much better than other shampoos but most people going no poo want to avoid SLS (also Lush products tend to be a bit pricey IMO :wink: )


There is a new lush product out called avocado co-wash it is all natural ingredients smells good and works really well!


Hello :slight_smile:
“Naturel” in cosmetic doesn’t mean anything because this appellation is not regulated. Most of the Lush products contains sulfates and other bad ingredients. So check the composition everytime.
Unfortunately, when a product smells really good and strong, that’s not naturel and organic :confused:


Yes I also used the Lush shampoo bars for a while and then worked in the store during my studies. I must say that even though they do not test on animals and use much less crap than others, they are not great. They tend to dry the scalp a lot a cause dandruff and hitchyness: I experienced it myself and heard of it from customers a lot. I have tried also Secrets de Provence https://www.ecco-verde.com/secrets-de-provence once and they are already better :slight_smile:
Maybe you can try these too!