What about dry shampoo?


I’ve been no poo for about 3 weeks and my hair is looking great, but I occasionally still use dry shampoo. Is this totally reversing my no poo process?


Hi Emily! I’ve been no poo since September, but I use dry shampoo when I need it. The way I look at it is that using dry shampoo to the point of absorbing nearly all the natural oils is simply a ‘wash’. It’s not using a sulfate or commercial shampoo, so I’d say you’re not reversing your no poo process.

When I do a proper ‘wash’. lately I’ve been using rye flour on a weekly basis, my hair looks and feels about the same as when I use dry shampoo. The only thing I’ve experienced about dry shampoo is that it tends to stay in my hair, absorbing oils till I wash it out. So if I use it too early in the week, I feel like it will just keep absorbing all the good oils till I wash again.

I’d say technically, dry shampoo a commercial product, but it doesn’t have the ingredients to be classified as a full-poo poo. In terms of trying to train hair to stretch washes, I don’t think it has any more of an effect than using a no-poo, sebum-removing wash.

Just my opinion!


Okay, thanks! Have you used any hair masks?


I try to deep condition with either a silicone-free, thicker conditioner, or just oils. Lately, I’ve been using my light silicone-free conditioner as a leave-in after washing. And occasionally, I use Olaplex No 3, which is not considered a conditioner at all but more of a “bond repair” - expensive but pretty good stuff!