Weird smell to my scalp


My last shampoo wash was 14th of October. Let’s say that I’m not quite there because water only washes do make it better but don’t remove all the oiliness. So I cheat with egg washes once a week or a week and a half.
I’m all good with that, I hope to stretched the time between egg washes and eventually stop it.

What I am bothered with however, is the smell. It doesn’t reek absolutely disgusting but it does have a weird smell to it. Somewhat like pencil sharpening? Not quite but then again, you know how hard it is to describe smells…I had this even before I started using eggs so that’s not the cause.

So anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has this and if anyone has tips on how to deal with it :slight_smile:

Hi! My hair has a smell. I think it is natural smell! Just as you love the artificial odor, then start to love the natural one.

In all case, I use the zest of a lemon when I wash and a bit of boiled cinamon. Just on my fourth wash poo free…

Hi, did you get any advice about the smell…I’m suffering too.
Also, did the egg yolk wash help ‘revive/clean’ your hair?
I have quite short hair that would benefit a cut and style, but I’m scared of going to the salon as my hair is oily and smells…( it’s early days) I’m out tomorrow evening and want it to look and smell nicer…egg mask then warm water wash?
Thanks in advance

Smell is usually caused by bacteria, caused by breaking down mostly sweat I believe. Moisture and/or PH balance is usually the cause of wiffs.

I only use cornflour on my hair (binds to grease, softens/smooths hair and brings down acidity), a boar bristle brush, hair straightens and sometimes a damp scalp massage if my scalp dries out: No one can smell anything on my hair unless they’re literally burying their nose in it, and even then hard to detect.

If it was me, I’d hair-dry/straighten the excess moisture out of it, use a small amount of cornflour (half a teaspoon to a spoon) massaged well into the scalp and give it a real good brushing root > tip just before bed, if you want that ‘smells like roses’ wiff, spray some PH neutral floral toilet-water on in the morning, give another good brush. Note: The cornflour will bind to excess grease and help remove it.
If done right, it should feel dry, soft and be lacking any smell (unless you throw some spray on it).

Thank you so much! That has calmed me down quite a bit.
I can’t actually put into words why I want to do this, but it seems important to me. Already using homemade ‘products’ on my skin and what used to be dry is lovely, even with all the swimming! My hair has always been in good condition. I used to wash every day, then refused as it seemed ( with the adventure of life and aging) to be getting thinner ( I’ve always had quite thick hair)
Anyway, even though its early days and the 'cleanliness ’ is an issue to me at least…it is 'fuller" .
Still a bit worried about a trip to the hairdressers. I have short hair, I’d like a pixie cut…will wait a bit…any advice there?
Sorry to be so long winded.
Thank you again for your lovely response :blush:

One of the main reasons people try no-poo I think, eventually the shampoo doesn’t do it’s job as well, it becomes an increasingly futile routine to wash it before it feels dirty, itchy and generally horrible - I actually started showing my crown rather badly and my hair was horrifically thin, I was almost washing it twice a day because of the “dirty-itch” before I turned to no-poo, a stark contrast to what I have now. I haven’t washed my hair for… I don’t know, I think I started in Feb, I’ve lost track - There was one time when I was super sick and fell in a tub and went “stuff it”, but it quickly recovered.

The difference between no-poo and daily poo’d hair is very noticeable regarding thickness: Well hydrated and oiled hair looks and feels much thicker (not to mention shiny like a cruft’s dog-show).
I’d seriously avoid getting your hair dipped in any pool/hot-tub etc containing chlorine, this will strip everything out of your hair, it’s like the ultimate super shampoo, and often makes your hair super thin, brittle and frizzy, can take a while to recover with/without treating it - Investing in a swimming cap can make all the difference.

I honestly imagine short hair should be a quick fix with flour and a hair-dryer/straighteners > heat first > dip your fingers in cornflour, rub hands together, massage into scalp (once or twice, if your hair turns white, you used too much), brush down to the roots. Should be an easy 5~10min job.
If your scalp dries out, flakes or gets itchy, dip fingers in water, massage into scalp (should see very quick results <10 mins), brush through, when dry, should be nice as pie.

As for the hairdressers, just tell them you’re using dry-shampoo… I mean, they’re hairdressers, they should expect a non-laboratory-clean head of hair to wander in from time to time.

Hi, thanks, you really do give me confidence to carry on

I did a cornflour shampoo yesterday (Saturday) before an evening out, my hair was great and styled nicely.
I swam Friday. I always wear a cap; always have. I wet my hair first, then cap on, swim, then wo wash. It’s tricky getting used to it not feeling ‘commercial shampoo’ clean, but it’s definitely thicker and less greasy than last week. I’m swimming tomorrow afternoon, it feels a bit ‘Icky’ tonight so I’m going to cornflour before bed, then the same wo routine at the pool.
How many times a week do you cornflour or wo wash?
This week is definitely better than last week so far…here’s hoping it continues.
I’ve been doing lots of massage , combing through routines too. That seems to be helping.
I need to get a boar bristle brush in the mean time, I’m cleaning my brush after every routine.

Thank you again for your very helpful words of wisdom

In the beginning, I was flouring every night, but it was a nightmare (see my first post) and my scalp was excessively greasy. I’m lucky to ‘wash’ my hair with water once a month now. And maybe flour (+straighten it in the morning) it 2~3 times a week lightly when it starts to get a little heavy.
I imagine if we had metered water our water bill would have shot right down due to the lack of daily hair-washes. :crazy_face:

If you don’t have a boar bristle brush, a plastic comb can work nicely if you’re at the smooth stage. Since I floured, I can run a comb through it no tangles, it’s quite something. I find a comb or boar bristle brush will pickup excess grease rather easily for re-distribution or removing… And if anything my brush/comb gets greasier than my hair. :laughing:

Hi, thanks AGAIN!
Today was a small success!
I cornfloured last night, awoke to lovely hair this morning. Had a swim ( wet it first, then cap on) washed it WO post swim, dried it with a hairdryer, still lovely!!! Fingers crossed I’m getting there.
Thanks for all the support. I’ll keep you posted

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So, in response to the smell I think if you were to add a touch of essential oils to your hair it would be better. Natural antibacterial oils are lavender, tea tree, lemon grass, peppermint, and citrus are great for starters. Oregano is good too but no one wants to smell like a
Giant pizza all day long.

Small update. All going really well.
Long may it continue!:grin::grin:
Next big step, the salon!! :open_mouth::astonished::blush::blush:

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