Weird smell to my scalp



My last shampoo wash was 14th of October. Let’s say that I’m not quite there because water only washes do make it better but don’t remove all the oiliness. So I cheat with egg washes once a week or a week and a half.
I’m all good with that, I hope to stretched the time between egg washes and eventually stop it.

What I am bothered with however, is the smell. It doesn’t reek absolutely disgusting but it does have a weird smell to it. Somewhat like pencil sharpening? Not quite but then again, you know how hard it is to describe smells…I had this even before I started using eggs so that’s not the cause.

So anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has this and if anyone has tips on how to deal with it :slight_smile:


Hi! My hair has a smell. I think it is natural smell! Just as you love the artificial odor, then start to love the natural one.

In all case, I use the zest of a lemon when I wash and a bit of boiled cinamon. Just on my fourth wash poo free…