Ways to wear hair/cover grease when going to work

Hi all! I am on day five and hair is starting to get greasy. I am currently doing water only nothing else in my hair. I work a professional job and need tips for hiding my greasy hair while at work (such as headbands, etc). Headbands sometimes give me headaches so I am looking for others ways such as wrapping my hair in silk scarfs or something. Any tips appreciated!

If you use baking soda it helps with the extra oil, you do need to rinse it out. Also if you get a bristle brush each night you can brush the oils through your hair. Much better than conditioner. It will take a little while but I have been using baking soda and vinegar for a while now. Baking soda when I have more oil than normal and vinegar when my hair seems to need a softening. Other wise warm water and a wide tooth comb while showering is all I have used. My moms a hair dresser and she said my hair looks great.

Baking soda is a highly damaging product to be using on general hair routinely (generally only used to thin excessively thick hair, eg: African American hair), it’ll dry the scalp and strip hair bare. Stripping hair with shampoo is what causes excess oil production in the first place, honestly doing no favours using baking soda.

Vinegar/AVC will help trap moisture in the hair, if your hairs too greasy, this can make it feel heavy, horribly sticky and generate odour. Generally I recommend V/AVC + drop of olive oil or any ‘hair oil’ product if you’re starting to notice dryness/brittleness in the hair.

Cornflour lightly before bed at the roots to bind it to grease, give it a good massage in there, but if you look like a snowman, you’re using too much. This will hamper oil production, by morning, night-time movements will have hidden any evidence of doing this.
Eventually your roots will learn to stop producing as much.
Hot hair-dry in the morning or hair straighteners to dry it /w fine comb/brush to remove excess cornflour, this will also remove some of the moisture in the hair, leaving it lighter, but you need to maintain some level of moisture, comb in some water afterwards so it’s slightly damp, but nowhere near dripping (within 15 mins the water should have been sucked into your hair), again, root to tip.
Cornflour will help remove the excess grease, as well as make the hair feel smoother, the heat will taper down the moisture levels to more reasonable levels.

You need moisture, you need oily hair, but it doesn’t have to feel like you’re in a chip-shop.
Find the balance of moisture/oil that works for you, experiment with ingredients, research them, learn more about your hair, how it’s supposed to work, what it’s PH is etc etc.

I use light dampening of water here and there in the morning, and maybe once, twice (if superbad) of an extremely light cornflour (dip fingers in the cornflour tub, rub it between my palms/fingers and then massage my scalp and comb it through) every week to give the hair a silky feel… Hair oil production for me is no longer an issue, you honestly couldn’t tell I don’t wash my hair. o.o

Thank you very much!! Will try this process instead as I already have thin hair to begin with!

just go through the process. leave it alone. i went through it. it’s temporary. leave it alone comb it the remainder oils will melt with the heat of the day and become shiny on your hair. just go through process. your choice. don’t use baking soda. acv. just go through it and consume less fatty foods so you won’t produce too much sebum.

water fasting for 8 days helped me regulate my sebum production. clear face and less oil on head.

also comb when necessary not often and comb while wet hair on shower and is wet. no towel dry air dry.

i’ve been water only and sometimes conditioner when necessary but soon to cut it off my regimen for over a year now.

beautiful hair. shiny. doesn’t smell. no more dandruff. looks shiny and wet and curly all the time. the oils adds waves to my hair. i will never go back to shampoo.