Waxy hair after rye flour wash


Hi everybody!

I just decided to try the no poo method using rye flour wash. The first wash went fine, but my hair has felt waxy after the second and third time…
I was expecting a transitions period where my hair would become greasy faster, but i thought at least it would feel clean and soft immediately after a wash. Is this just the transition phase in action or am i doing something wrong?

Any advise will be appreciated.


Did you clean your hair with sls shampoo (no silicones) befeore starting no poo? It could be that your hair have build up after using silicone products on your hair. So first you have to clean build up from your hair and then start. If rye flour doesnt work try shikakai powder


Was this your first try after giving up shampoo? Agree it could be build up. I use rye, usually 2x a week, and sometimes it needs a vinegar rinse. Give that a try. Always a final cold rinse too. Have patience and experiment. I have fine normal hair and I hear results vary with curly or oily hair. It definitely takes time to find what works for you!

If you find it a bit hard to rinse all the rye out, combing your hair with s shampoo brush during rinse really helps.


Thank you for your help. I did use a shampoo with no silicons first though.


Thank you so much for your answer.


Maybe to try shikakai powder if this doesnt work for you…good luck :wink: you will find something that will work for you.


Maybe you can use besan flour (gram flour) instead of rye. Gram flour cleans hair more intensivelly. Leaves no greasiness at all.