Water Quality and it's Effects on Hair


Hey friends, complete newbie here! I’m on day 2 of no shampoo (previously using natural bio shampoos and conditioners, no styling products, hair type: dyed blonde, straight-ish, shoulder length, lots of thin hair, normally greasy by day 3) but I am a bit concerned about water quality. I live in Paris and the water is full of limescale. Our bathroom and tea kettle always have white build up and I’ve noticed since moving here my normal hair is dryer than usual. I’ve read a bit about water quality really changing how successful no-pooing can be. Does anyone have any experience or feedback about going no-poo with hard water? Should I try some of the other options with baking soda or ACV if hard water can be more difficult? Mostly, I’m brand new to this and open to anything but a little nervous after reading the posts from people who have seen no results after months of no-pooing. Any and all advice welcome! Sending good energy to all, have a great day. :v::blush:


Great question! I went silicone-free and sulfate-free (low poo) several years ago and no poo in September 2017. I became highly concerned about water quality because we live in a hard water area. I bought litmus strips and, for a good few weeks, I used the water out of our condensing tumble dryer to rinse my hair because it was a good, low pH. But I admit, in time, I stopped bothering!

So at the moment, I mainly co-wash with silicone-free conditioners, and I don’t worry about the hard water because it’s too much trouble. We may, at some point, get a water softener, but they’re very expensive, so I’ve learnt to live with the water that comes out of our tap. My hair is naturally curly, so co-washing is quite good for it, and I’ve seen improvement just in stopping even low-poo shampoos and starting recommended products and natural conditioners.

I don’t think my answer is much help, but my rationale was - as my hair has survived years of hard water, going no poo was a decision I could easily make and adapt to, and I know my hair reaps benefits from that change alone. I’d say getting a water softener would help, but as far as hard water’s effects on my hair in particular, I don’t really know! And I’m happy at the moment with co-washing and using natural oils and products to condition.

I hope someone else will have a more helpful answer for you!


Thank you so much for your response Alexia! Much appreciated feedback from someone with similar water quality. I think I’m going to just go with the flow on the hard water if there aren’t any noticeable setbacks, a water softener is not in the cards for us. At this point (day 6! woo!) I’m rocking the just water method because I’m not so sure on which way to condition my hair yet (and also, the grease hasn’t balanced out yet in my hair, so I’m definitely not in any need of conditioning yet haha :sweat_smile::tired_face:). What essential oils do you use? Any product recommendations? I’m beginning to make my own lotions, soaps, and things so I’m open to anything natural products or even DIY recipes. Thanks again! :blush: