Water only- dry scalp and dandruff!


Hair type: dark Brown, short, straight,thick, male

Old routine: shampoo every 2 days. Cheap commercial shampoo.

-had dry scalp and very greasy hair for aslong as I can remember. Sometimes dandruff. Just lived with it.also I always have a few spots -.-

Past 2 weeks: water only. Every 4 days. BBB morning and night after rubbing and combing scalp. Used acv rinse after 1 week.
Hair still greesy after 2 days but I understand I’m in transition phase.
No improvement at all with my dry scalp and dandruff.

Why isn’t my scalp getting better? Is it too early too tell? Should I acv rinse more often?(was thinking every fortnight).
Can anyone give me advice who have experienced the same or similar?

Thankyou in advance!


(Female) I recommend using cornflour on the scalp every 2~3 days, it breaks down the grease, but in the ‘transition’ phase (about a month before I started noticing major improvements) you may notice your scalp gets gunky with the cornflour (especially if you use too much, only need to rub some on the end of your fingers and massage the scalp), may get a few in-growns, eventually it does break as your scalp curbs back it’s oil production.
I had a very dry, flaky scalp and horrible grease, I managed to bring it into line purely on Cornflour. Took me 1 month of ‘hell’ and another month of increasingly positive improvements; Haven’t used any AVC, shampoo or anything other than light water for moisturizing and cornflour.

I’ve noticed those using AVC/BS tend to have a much longer period of recovery; Try aiming for ingredients leaning more towards PH neutral.