Vinegar for hard water to fight dandruff

Because I’ve had an eternal case of dandruff going on for at least 6 years now, and I wanted to try it once anyway, I’ve decided to go no poo. Plot twist - the dandruff got worse, probably because of the absence of my anti-dandruff shampoo and hydrating conditioner.
I’ve searched a bit around the internet and I’ve come to the conclusion that a possible cause of dandruff is hard water (and also the cause of the dry-then-oily-then-freaking dry combination skin me, my sister and basically everyone in the house has) I’ve also found mixing a tablespoon of vinegar with two cups of water and rinsing your hair with that combo works to treat the effects of hard water, and dandruff.

I really want to try this out. Has anyone else done it and doe sit work well? I’ve also heard dan lemon juice does the same, does that work?

Hi, I tried ACV and it gives me more dandruff. Does anyone know why?

Thanks in advance…