Very good dry shampoo


Hello everybody

First please, sorry my english, I speak french. I dont find categorie of dry shampoo (sorry if is exist) but I write because I have a method very quick and easy and I think its a good idea to share with others. I never see people talk about before but I can be wrong. The dry ingredient people talk as usual is cornstach and cacao (for brown hair) but more easy and fast is the groats.

Really I survive because the the groats. (6 month no poo now). I’m very not girly. I always forget to look at me exept five minutes before go and a lot of time my hair is greasy. No time for 20 minutes cornstach-cacao and brush. In this situation I have a bowl with groats (ready in 1 minute). I just put my head above the bowl and scrub the top of my head with groat. One minute and its over. After I shake for the little crumbs fall (my hairs is straight, i dont know for curly), pass little brush to be sure for crumbs and I go. No more greasy hair. Magical.

I don’t know if you have try this method or hear about that ?


Thank you for the tip! Your English is great!

I have never heard of this method. I’ve used cornstarch so often with horrible results, I’d about given up on a dry shampoo. I’m trying clays now, but they’re working out like cornstarch.

I believe the term “groats” can be used for any (or maybe just many) grains. I’m guessing you mean oat groats, but could you post a link, or list the ingredient(s), if it’s a purchased/packaged product? If you grow your own groats, maybe the Latin name of the grain?

Thanks a bunch! I can’t wait to give your idea a try!


With cornstach my hair is very dry. Groats is oat groats yes, You know like Quaker oat. You take the instant oatmeal, the cheaper and nature of course or you smell blueberry breakfast. :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’ll try it, thanks!


I’m not using shampoo since May 8th, and I’m using BS and ACV. The BS leaves my hair very dry and impossible to brush. The ACV leaves it with an oily and heavy look. The other day I moisturized with coconut oil and lemon mix and now it’s completly hidrated to the tips but it looks wet all the time. Well, just to say that I’m going to try the oats and see how it works for me. I as well have straight hair, so I’m hoping it does.
What about @bacawind ? Have you tried it yet?