Use sulfate hair spray while going no poo?


can I use sea salt spray which contains magnesium sulfate if i use it with care, not letting the spray contact with my scalp?


Hi Andrew,

Friendly question: Why are you using a sea salt spray? Is it designed for use on the hair and if so why does it contain magnesium sulfate?

For best results with NoPoo make sure you start with as few variables as possible. Avoid adding anything that is not needed. Use Basic Sodium Bicarbonate washes to tame excess oil, apple cider vinegar washes, a good wooden or boar hair brush and some patience and determination.

Give that 6 or so weeks, and if it’s still not right change one thing at a time until you find exactly what works for you. Your hair knows how to be awesome, it just needs a little help getting there. :wink: