Two months in and struggling with balancing it out


Hello everyone!! I’ve been doing the no poo movement for a couple months now and the bottom of my hair is super dry and the top is super oily. I want to style it but it’s such a mess. Is there any suggestions to what else I can do so I don’t have to wear my hair up forever? Is there like a conditioning agent I can use to balance it out?


A good bristle brush! I had the same issue, and the bristle brush helped evenly disperse my natural oils throughout my hair. Get a nice one that will last, and most importantly, clean the brush before every use! It has been a game changer for me.


Hi Melinda,

I have the same problem with the bottoms of my hair drying out sometimes. I apply a few drops of castor oil to my palms, rub my hands together to warm it up, then rub my hands and fingers through the bottom half of my hair working from the ends upwards. If any area one area looks oily after that, I comb all of my hair and keep massaging the hair follicles to disperse the oil evenly. My waist length long hair ends up looking shiny and clean with happy ends like I just got a new haircut.

I prefer castor oil but I’m sure olive oil and sesame oil would work well. I have trouble with coconut oil drying out my skin so I don’t put it on my hair.

I am concerned, though, that you describe the top of your hair as “super oily”. Was it like that before you started the no poo movement?

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Hey!! What are you currently using for the nopoo regime? I tried apple cider vinegar and bi carb and it didn’t work for my hair at all. I’ve not washed my hair for four months now and it’s amazing, I got a trim about a month ago to get rid of my dead ends and the bottoms still feel freshly cut. My first two months I would put coconut oil in my hair once a week/fortnight with a shower cap on and leave on from 20mins to a few hours depending on my schedule… I found this worked great but the oil wouldn’t just wash out with water lol and rinsing with ACV just ruined it. So, I bought an all-natural organic vegan coconut oil shampoo that only consists of natural essential oils to rinse the coconut oil treatment out. Remember everyone’s hair is different and if your hair is oily at the top and brittle at the bottom your current nopoo regime just may not be the best one for you hair. Mix it up a bit and try a few things!! And I know it doesn’t taste the best, but just put 1-2 spoons of ACV in your water instead and drink it daily, found that worked a lot better for me hair and skin than putting it on my head did. Best of luck !


In the beginning my hair did that also. I’ve learned to water down my baking soda solution and use primarily on my scalp leaving the liquid to run off of my ends. I don’t scrub my ends like do my scalp. That helped and fixed the problem for my ends.


Hey, do you have a link to that shampoo you use?