Two-month experience at no-poo by new member

Hi everyone,

I’m a new member and just want to share my experiences for anyone thinking of doing no-poo.

Basically, I was nervous to try it at first. After doing it for 2 months now I’ll probably never go back to shampoo & conditioner. The thing that led me to trying it is I’ve always been fascinated with the long/surfer hair look on guys (I’m a guy), and have tried growing my hair out a few times in the past. Whenever my hair gets longer, though, it’ll always become frizzy, fall in my face, get all tangled up by the slightest gust of wind, etc. So eventually I just get frustrated and cut it short again.

The internet said that frizziness was caused by dry/damaged hair, and that commercial shampoos were to blame. Many sites recommended products to replenish moisture in hair and control frizziness. After thinking about it, however, it didn’t make any sense to me to shampoo my hair and strip all the moisture out, only to replace the moisture by spending more money on frizz products! So then I became curious about what would happen if I just didn’t shampoo at all?

After researching some more that’s how I came across the no-poo method and decided to try. My hair did stay really oily for the first 4-5 days of trying it. After one week of washing my hair twice per day with just only cold water, though, my hair finally returned to normal. The experience was very strange, too, because my hair probably looked more oily after one week but it didn’t actually feel oily at all!

After one month of just only washing my hair with cold/luke-warm water once or twice per day, a few people even started commenting on how my hair color looked darker and asked if I had colored my hair or something? I was still afraid to tell them about not using shampoo, but it was somewhat funny seeing the confused looks on their faces since my hair color had obviously gotten darker. Maybe the darker color is due to more of the hair’s natural oils no longer being washing out, but my hair still never actually feels oily anymore.

My hair has also become stronger too! While using shampoo, it was mentioned that the slightest gust of wind outside would just blow and mess everything all up. Well now the wind can blow but my hair has much more resilience to wind and more or less stays in place now.

Hopefully this has helped someone decided to give no-poo a try!


Yeah my hair went darker but I didn’t mind. A strand of my hair can be easy 18 inches and went I do that test (where you pull your strand of hair to see if stretches or breaks) and I cannot believe how strong it is. But yeah I only told some family and friends I am no poo, some people would just be weird about it. I think the darker hair is hydrated hair, just think of dry damage hair would be lighter.

Nice testimony and good job!

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My hair also went darker, but it feels/looks good… Kind of a nice contrast with the few grays I own. I did notice a pleasant side-effect: on a melting hot day, my hair is actually pretty cold, which is lovely when it touches my shoulders, almost arms now. #WorthIt

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