Trying to do WO, but very dry scalp

Hi everyone! Just joined today because I got tired of the facebook group. Anyway, I want to go completely WO, but I’m having trouble with some build up on the top of my scalp. No flaking at all. My scalp produces very little sebum because I’m 68 and never was very oily to begin with. I’ve tried a scalp scrubber, sugar scrub and coffee ground scrub. I’ve tried acv diluted in water and it made my hair weirdly flat but didn’t help my scalp. I DO have mild eczema on my hands. Lots of allergies, which is one of the reasons I don’t want to use product anymore.
Any feedback will be appreciated!

I have naturally ash blonde hair so it’s on the finer side (but so healthy, soft and thicker now since no poo) I get it lightened with foils every few months…I’ve been poo free for 3 years. I’m 36.
When I notice build-up on the top of my scalp I put straight lemon juice on it, massage it in, let it sit for a half hour or so then wash my hair with water only.
I try to remember to brush my hair with a toothy brush about twice a day paying attention to the scalp to exfoliate it.
My scalp will stay build-up free if I wash (with water only) every 2 days.
I liked the sugar scrub once too.
I think coconut oil would feel really nice if my scalp was feeling dry and itchy but have yet to try it because of the oil residue.
Products I’ve added (which I love): I began using an argon oil serum on my hair to keep the fly-aways down and help it look less dry. I also use a heat protector spray before and after I blow dry and use a flat iron occasionally.

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Hi Robyn,
Thank you so much for sharing what works for you. I’ll try the lemon juice next. I use argan oil on my ends after wo wash. It seems to work better than anything else. Maybe I’ll try that on my scalp too. Or coconut oil as you said. Scrubs of any kind don’t seem to do much…
I WAS wondering about if washing more often would help too. Definitely something to think about.
I am sure of one thing, thought. I’ll never go back to "low poo’’ or any other kind of normal wash. I lose very little hair anymore now that I’ve stopped again for 3 months or so.
Thanks again!