To egg or not to egg? And trying Kefir?!

Hi everyone! I’m over two months into my “no poo” journey now and I’m still loving the experience - it has definitely been a very interesting process!

I’ve been doing water washes, occasionally with a bit of ACV, more often I add lemon juice to my water and some essential oils. I brush my hair regularly but I haven’t focused much on distributing the oils with my hands. For sure my hair has not looked ‘clean’ since my last time using shampoo but it has felt very moisturised from the natural oils!

The main problem for me has been dandruff! I suffered before anyway and I used to use Nizoral, which I read is not suitable for ‘no poo’ so I stopped. But it’s definitely been problematic. My scalp is super itchy and dry and I’ve had some red patches and even bleeding!!

I’ve read about a few different methods of treating it but I’m nervous to use baking soda or too much ACV as I’ve read it can dry your hair out, or that you can become dependent on it in the same way as shampoo!

But then I heard about Kefir! It made a lot of sense to me as an option, considering it’s probiotic content, so I’ve ordered some grains ands I’m planning to do kefir hair masks… What do you think??!

I also recently discovered the joy of using eggs! My hair is more clean and soft than it’s been my entire journey! I feel great about it but my question is… If egg is making my hair feel clean & soft, is it also removing natural oils like shampoo?? Is that the same problem? Heard a lot of different things about using eggs so I would love to know more!

This sounds like me although in the 2 months I haven’t washed my hair at all - not sure when you are meant too or how the products/produce people mention are to be used. Hope somebody replies so we both find out!

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Oh wow, serious commitment! I initially waited about a week to wash with water only, my scalp was too uncomfortable! (hate the word scalp haha)
Anyway, I’m definitely still in the learning process, but I’ve tried to learn from other people’s positive experiences - based on that I ‘wash’ my hair approx every 4 days at the moment… So far the egg is the only thing that has made my hair look clean!
Can’t wait to learn more!

In my country eggs and kefir are the top to replace shampoo. Unfortunately for me personally this did not work. After egg I had itching, and kefir made them too oily.
As I know eggs can’t wash anything out from hair, it has a lot of elements that make some hair look brilliant, obedient, soft and silky.
Aboout kefir they say it works good with dry hair, but I don’t know what about red scalp patches and bleeding. You can try, but better to do kefir or clabber yourself. You can try to use it simply instead of shampoo or like a mask in combination with honey, or yolk, or olive oil, or infusion of chamomile and calendula.
Kefir trends to make heavy hair - this was what I got, because my hair is not dry.
Usually itchy sculp with dandruff says about oily hair, not dry. Specify this moment before trying, because if hair is oily better to use low-fat clabber.