The journey of experiments to find the optimal method


Hi! :haircut:
I with my thin, slightly wavy hair am about 4 years into my no poo journey. I started out with a low poo shampoo, moved on to only using conditioner and then to the BS + ACV method. It seemed great for a few months but then I started to noticed the damage it made to my hair. Therefore I decided to take the next step to WO. Despite difficulties, I made it through the transition phase with scritching and preening and having it up in a bun. I noticed growth both length and density wise as well as a straighter hairline. However after seven months it felt like it wasn’t getting clean enough, it felt sticky even though I wash it in fairly soft water. Now I’ve gone over to co-washing with a low poo shampoo every fifth wash (I wash it once a week). I’ve also stopped scritching and preening since I feel like it makes my hair frizzy. Unfortunately it still feels sticky and not like the optimal method for me…

I’ve heard of people who use tea rinses, SO and soap. Do any of you other no poo enthusiasts have any (vegan and preferably zero waste) tips or experiences to share? I’d love to continue no poo since it’s low maintenance, cheaper, healthier for your hair and better for the environment. Thanks in advance!