Swimming still allowed?

Hi, I’m considering going no poo, but I’m wondering about how the chlorine in swimming pools would affect my hair after going no poo. Do any of you have experience swimming in chlorine pools after going no poo and what was it like? Did you need to do something special afterward? Specifically I’m considering no poo and only hot water washing.

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Use a swimming cap. I swim regularly and just wash my hair with water in the shower after a swim…

I swim with no poo hair and find my hair much less dry after swimming. this goes for both pool and ocean. I recently went on a caribean scuba diving vacation and only needed a little leave in conditioner after towel drying.

Everything is allowed on no-poo. Even shampoo. That’s cause none of us can tell you how to live your life!!

Haha. But for real, of course you can swim.


If you can rinse in shower first so your hair can absorb the water and not the chlorine .

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I have only been "No poo"ing for about 2 months. And I must admit that the only thing that has changed is that I do not spend money on shampoo, conditioner and all sorts of styling products.

We have just been on a 14 days vacation to Greece and I was in the hotel pool (equal to a very high concentration of clorine ;D) every day. And my hair is still much nicer than before I went “No poo”…

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I went swimming in a chlorinated pool @ 10 months of no-poo and just rinsed it with cool water / patted gently with a towel when I got out. My hair looked better than ever, somehow.

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The sebum protects your hair from the chlorine and salt. The bit that does get thru acts like a gentle dry shampoo effect so your hair looks amazing! Sweat, swim, do everything and with WO everything is nature. I see my dogs who I never shampoo and how beautiful their coats are no matter what. It’s nature.