Short Hair Male; Need Help!

I’ve started to not use shampoo anymore (obviously) since my hair would get really greasy in one day. I heard about this method from some people and not shampooing seemed to work for them. I’ve started doing this for about 2 weeks now and I’m still having greasy hair and even in the shower, I feel like I can’t get rid of it. Any tips? And thoughts or explanations?

What length of hair do you have? Like 1-3 inch length? My brothers have all had relative success (my dad says no poo works great for him. He’s bald…) They all work in the trades and have 2-5 inch hair, but before going no poo they would wash once a week maybe twice. Sometimes they wash with BS just to get grease(mechanical grease) out of their hair. If you’ve been really dependent on shampoo your going to have a hard first month or so. I’m a woman with 2ft long hair and I was washing every other day… My body was so dependent that it’s taken over a year just to manage it. However, it’s supposed to be much easier for men, or just short hair. I would say that if it’s super greasy even in the shower, you’re still in the weaning phase. Do you wash water only?

Hi Coleman,

Check out for tips! The ebook you can buy there is so helpful. It caters the no poo journey to the hair type and water type you have. It definitely makes a difference. I’d recommend a diy shampoo (recipe is in the ebook).

As a side note, my husband is doing this no poo journey alongside me. We went 4 days without washing and based on our hair type are using a soap nut wash with lavender oil. Based on your hair type you may need a specific method (see ebook).

Good luck!