Shampoo bars to No Poo Method

For the past 4 months or so I have been using a shampoo bar to wash about once or twice a week. I have not been using a conditioner as the most recent bars I bought are shampoo and conditioning. The brand is Bambo Earth and they say they are 100% organic. After some research and reading of the ingredients, I have come to the conclusion I no longer want to use the bars. They contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a surfactant. It has been found in studies that SLS can irritate skin AND has the ability to penetrate it. So for several reasons, I am discontinuing shampoo altogether.

It’s been about 5 days now since I’ve shampoo’d last. My new routine is a lukewarm shower, turning off the faucet, and then rinsing my whole body/hair with cool 6.0 PH Beauty water. Massaging the Beauty water into my scalp. Then when my hair is half dry I brush it with a soft bristle brush. I have long hair and I always start brushing the ends and work my way up to my scalp. So far this is working great for me. I plan to incorporate a homemade ACV Rinse to use maybe once every week or two. Right now it’s infusing so I will have to update in a few weeks!

Hi divineearthling.

Well done for taking the plunge, it sounds like you’re doing great so far!

Avoiding SLS and chemicals (and also plastic) were my reasons for trying no poo. I have found that the water hardness in my area prevents me from ditching soap altogether, but I have managed to find a completely natural “shampoo” bar which is made from soap nuts.

It is an absolute god send as it has stopped me from quitting completely. It is still soft on the hair in comparison to normal shampoo, as it only contains naturally occurring saponins to cleanse the hair.

So keep going and keep experimenting, and if the Beauty water doesn’t work out then perhaps look into something like the above.

Keep everyone posted on your progress :slight_smile: