Scalp Psoriasis help!

I’ve got bad psoriasis on my scalp and I hate it. I’ve not washed my (fine, curly) hair for nearly 3 weeks and I’m surprised at how it is. I don’t suffer from greasy hair so it just looks like it normally does. The itching has decreased but I feel the need to put something on my scalp to help with the plaques. I normally put coconut oil on it but if I do that, then I’d need to use shampoo to get the grease out. I used to use apple cider vinegar as a rinse, which I will start using again. Once I tried it with bicarb but it left my hair feeling like straw. It was revolting! I have read something about using eggs but I couldn’t find anything more about how to use it. Any help would be gratefully received

Make sure your hairs hydrated enough to help things ‘move along’. If it’s dry (especially towards the mid<>tips), brush in some water until damp. No hydration = no lubrication for the oils to freely move around and take dirt/grease away from the scalp.
You can use cornflour, tiny amount rubbed into your hands and massaged in to smooth hair out and help remove excess oil (note: Before applying water).

If you have this condition you should probably go to a psoriasis forum for advice too. But from what I have read going no poo with psoriasis is better for your scalp and others that they had to go low poo instead.

I don’t have this condition but I do get some skin, sebum and/or left over cornstarch build up (no flakes or visible signs though). When I am Scritching and Preening and notice the build up I use my finger nails, probably not ideal but I do it works its not much more time than regular Scritching and Preening and wash my hands well after. It is probably the grosses part of going no poo but I had this and did this before I went no poo- I just did this in the bath/shower with shampoo/water when I did before.

The ideal option would probably be a shampoo brush or scalp massage brush. It is meant for this build up if you are no poo, low no or a regular shampoo user. I plan to get one eventually I just haven’t got to it.

For balancing the oilier scalp and dryer ends. I cornstarch/cocoa powder my scalp and brush out with a boar bristle brush when my scalp/top of my head starts to look more shinny than it should or if it just feels oilier. For mid and ends I coconut oil, cocoa butter or Moroccan oil. But I never do both of these steps in the same day or I smell like a chocolate coconut pie and it looks like my scalp is dry and my ends are too oiled.