Scalp psoriasis, chlorine and exercise for beginner



I’m thinking of starting the No Poo method. I used to have thick hair but hormonal changes after having two babies has led to me having quite thin hair. On another note, I also have scalp psoriasis (and have done for 20 years) and I’m hoping the method will help will benefit the thickness and my scalp. I aim to wash my hair every other day but sometimes go every 3 days. I use a Lush shampoo bar and Tresemme conditioner. I go running and work up quite a sweat every 2-3 days and go swimming around once a week in a chlorinated pool. Does anyone have any tips? Especially with regards to the chlorine. My hairdresser tells me that chlorine left in water rots the hair(!). Any tips? I’ve seen the one about thoroughly wetting hair before going in the pool so that it fills up water and not the pool water which is easily done for showering before getting in the pool.

Many thanks



for the chlorine, you can take vitamin c crystals and mix with water, then spray or pour over hair and skin to neutralize the chlorine, works awesome! if you google diy swim spray you will find the ratios of water to vitamin c.