Scalp in disarray!

I’ve been trying no-poo for 3 months now, and I’m really enjoying the process (mostly) and determined to make it work. HOWEVER, I’m having a nightmare with my scalp and it’s really getting me down!

I suffered with dandruff prior to going no-poo for many years but Nizoral worked for me well. I gave up my nizoral with my other shampoos fully expecting my dandruff to become worse but I don’t know how to make it better, and it’s so frustrating, especially because my hair is doing so well now!

For context, I started with water only and I’ve done a couple of ACV rinses, lemon rinses, egg rinse (wish I love) and recently bought some kefir grains to try to combat my scalp issues.

I haven’t tried & tested the kefir yet (only one mask) and I’ve also ordered some bentonite clay, which I’ve heard could work, so I will be trying both of these methods further. BUT I STILL NEED ADVICE!!

Apologies for being graphic but I’m pretty sure it is a kind of fungal dandruff (which is really unpleasant). It’s itchy at times, red patches and feels like my entire scalp is shedding. I really need a solution because I want so badly to stick to no-poo.

My nizoral bottle is calling my name!! Would it be a complete disaster?? PLEASE HELP!!