Reactions to going "No Poo"

This is for sharing your experience with other peoples reactions to you going “no poo”

I have actually only had 3 reactions…

My husband…Who could not care less :wink:

My best friend…Who was extremely curious and wanted to know everything :kissing_heart:

And my latest hairdresser…Who was like :open_mouth: :scream: :astonished: :dizzy_face: She claimed that she had never heard about this (Which I actually think meant : She had never heard anything as stupid as that) and instantly made a disclaimer that she was not able to make any guarantees in regards of styling if she could not be allowed to use shampoo and styling products in my hair…I never think she even realised that I was not looking for guarantees about styling…I was looking for her to cut my split ends… :smirk: During the session she managed to drop a comment about “the smell of a campfire which definitely does not go away with water only”…I did not even bother to tell her that I am to old to be a girls scout and that my barbecue runs on gas…But I will definately get another hairdresser next time :wink:

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My mom thought and still thinks I’m absolutely crazy. Once she knew that I wasn’t using shampoo anymore, she uses every opportunity to say how bad my hair looks or how bad it smells, even when I know my hair looks and smells fine. One time, I tricked her. I was having a really good hair day, and I came to her and told her I was using shampoo again (I wasn’t), and you should’ve seen the smile on her face. “I knew it! Because your hair looks so shiny and great and it doesn’t smell bad!”, then I told her that I was joking and I still wasn’t using shampoo, and her reaction changed dramatically. “Well…I thought so. I mean, your hair looks ok but not great or anything. And now that I’m closer I can smell it, and it doesn’t smell that good. You need to go back to using shampoo.” It’s hilarious!!!

My husband could care less too, and I think mainly because he could care less about his own hair hahahaha he goes weeks without washing his hair.

My brother and my dad are interested in no poo, mainly because they both notice hair loss and an itchy scalp after washing with shampoo. I think there’s something in regular shampoos that we are allergic to, because I switched to no poo because of hair loss and very itchy scalp after I washed with shampoo.

I’ve had some absolutely terrible reactions from a hairdresser myself. I went to a hair salon for a trim, and before they did anything, I asked the lady in a very polite way not to use any products or shampoo on my hair. She was curious and asked me why, and I said that I didn’t use shampoo on my hair. Literally everyone within earshot stopped what they were doing and all eyes were on me, both hairdressers and costumers alike. My hairdresser was speechless for a few seconds, and the costumer who was getting her hair cut next to me leaned over and said “You don’t use shampoo? Well, do you just…use water or…?” I replied “No, I actually use honey.”. I think my hairdresser killed over at this point. The other costumer was rather nice, “You use honey? It’s not sticky?” “Well, you mix it with water, and then you pour it on your head like you would shampoo and you scrub it around like you normally would, and then you rinse it.” “Huh…and it works?” “Yeah, it’s super good for your hair!” The costumer seemed like she was pretty interested in what I was talking about, but at this point my hairdresser recovered from her heart attack, “Ohhhh no no no no no, you HAVE to wash your hair. We have a honey scented shampoo we could you on you today.” I could feel my cheeks getting red, “Umm…no thank you, can you just trim my hair?” “Well, I mean, I wouldn’t charge you for the wash or anything, I can even throw in a moisturizing treatment for no charge!” Literally the lady was not going to take no for an answer. I’m rather shy, so I didn’t have the courage to walk out of the salon, so yes the lady ended up washing my hair and using whatever “special” treatment she had, all for no extra charge. When my hair was cut and dry, she was rather proud of her work. “See? Using shampoo is good! It’s way better than using gross honey.” Needless to say, I did not return to that particular hair salon. I was embarrassed and put on the spot, and not another hairdresser stepped in to say “hey, just cut her hair, she doesn’t want it washed”.

I’ve had rather ok experiences with other hairdressers. They just seem curious that I don’t wash my hair, but they (except the one mentioned before) comply with not using shampoo or products on my hair.

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My family reacted as if I was a mad woman… But it started first when I stopped soap.

My boyfriend has not been quite supportive either.

You are brave… I don’t need to go or have money to go to the hairdresser, but have imagined me in that odd situation.

I can tell “I have very dry scalp and the doctor told me to do so.”

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I had a similar case. I was not going to shave to have a swimsuit and a partner said: “she is not asking weather to shave but what swimsuit she could use in her case.”

He was very sweet.

I don’t go to salons anymore; my hair just doesn’t “style” very well. It’s so fine and straight, any attempt to add “layers” just still looks fine and straight.

I don’t make a point of telling people, because, to many people, shampooing is a matter of hygiene. My hair doesn’t look worse than it did when I shampooed every day. It doesn’t smell and it doesn’t look greasy, even after a few weeks. I don’t see any reason to make it an issue.

It didn’t suddenly look better, as some people have claimed it does for them. If it did, then I might tell them my “secret”.

And my reason for going this route is simple laziness. I mean, I agree with all the reasons that shampoo is unnecessary, bad for the planet, and a waste of money, but all those reasons are just supportive of my laziness.

I’m also too lazy to dust. I need some reasons to support that.