Please help - very itchy scalp


I am with no poo for 2 months and the results of my hair are absolutely perfect. After 2 months they are thicker and I can see they are growing more and faster.
My only and biggest problem is veeeeeeery itchy, dry and flaky scalp, Even during sleep I scratch my head :frowning:
Firstly I started with using coconut oil mixed with a bit of tea tree and pepermint essential oil ( first day fine, after 2 days itch again), tried aloe vera (same as previous). I made oatmeal shampoo with a bit of raw honey and few drops of tea tree essential oil (i just washed them yesterday and itch was there already in the evening). Also I use ACV rinses.
Now I have diluted raw honey already for one hour and I can still feel itch.
Please help me. The itch is so bad that somethimes I am very close to cry :cry:
Thank you


Hi Kika.

Your problem sounds very distressing and I hope you find some relief soon.

I’m concerned that you’re putting too many things on your scalp at the same time to determine what is causing the problem. I recommend a “less is more” approach. Essential oils could be irritating your scalp or even causing an allergic reaction. If your scalp is already dry and itchy, basically anything could increase irritation.

I recommend reviewing your washing and conditioning routine very carefully in detail to determine or rule out the cause of your dry scalp. I recommend laying off the essential oils entirely for now.

I have sensitive skin and find coconut oil to actually cause my skin to dry out. My preferred emollient is castor oil but it is very difficult to work with because it is so thick. To promote hair growth and give my scalp a treat, I apply warmed castor oil with a dropper directly to my scalp. I put one drop for roughly every square inch of scalp, using a comb to part my hair so the oil goes directly onto my scalp. I massage the oil in with my fingers. I avoid applying oil too close to my hair line and use so little castor oil that it is not noticeable and does not require me to wash my hair.

I’m not sure what to recommend in your situation because I can’t see a clear cause. It could be a pH balance issue, a bacterial infection, a fungal infection, an allergy, or just plain sensitive skin.

One suggestion: if you take an oral antihistamine like benadryl and the itching goes away, that would suggest you are having an allergic reaction. Then you could systematically work through the possible agents to determine the cause of the allergy.

If you’d like, give me more information about your routines and I’ll try to help you determine the cause and treatment.

Best wishes,


Thank you for your reply and suggestions.
I stopped using coconut oil and I rather use rhassoul with a bit of honey (because raw honey is closest to human ph) and rose water and it helps for one day for my scalp. After again I have itchy scalp.
I can not use castor oil even a tiny bit because I have very short hair so they look suddenly greasy.
I have tried a herbal cream which helps me and my husband (he has seborrhea) so I just hope it will last at least forever :slight_smile:


Hello. I have been doing bs/acv for about 8 years now. I havent had the itchy scalp but I am wondering if you are getting all of the “soap” off your scalp when you rinse? When i first started this clean and freeing adventure getting all of the bs out was the challenge. I have tried many different methods with the bs (paste, mixing in the shower, etc) and the best method i have found is a squirt bottle that i prepare ahead of time so the bs isnt gritty. I keep it in the shower and went i squirt it onto my hair it is totally “melted”. I have also found through trial and error that too much will dry out hair and scalp and too little will not clean as well. With the acv i have a spray bottle that also lives in the shower and too much acv in the acv/water dilution will cause my hair and scalp to feel oily and too little and my hair and scalp feel dry. Because we all produce oil differently getting the mixture correct is a trial and error process. I have been able to stretch out my cleaning for 30+ days with just rinsing everyday with water. I read that some women will use coconut milk not coconut oil, and very little since its oily, to condition their hair once in awhile. I hope this helps and good luck in your journey to beautiful healthy hair! Btw since i have started doing bs/acv once my old hair grew out i have not had ANY split ends!


Hello. Thanks for your message.
So since june I had soooooo many issues and errors with washing my hair and with itchy scalp. I had bad nights when again I was just scratching my head. It was very bad. I went from rhassoul clay to honey wash, to allepo soap, to soap nuts…everything ended with itchy scalp and I was very close to use again normal shampoo. But… finally something helped. I do now BS/AC. I use only 1/2 of teaspoon to a cup of BS and same measure with AC and it is absolutely fine. I wash my hair every 3d - 4th day and once per week I do a hair mask from jojoba, olive and castor oil.