PH of Baking Soda

I’ve been washing my hair with baking soda for the past couple of months & love how clean my hair is & how much longer I can go before it gets greasy. However, I’ve noticed my hair become extremely dry & tangled near my scalp. I’ve read online that baking soda has a PH level much higher than the scalp and over time can damage your hair leaving it brittle and fragile.

Will ACV balance out the PH level and condition the hair? Because it seems like a lot of people only use it from the neck down and not up top near the scalp which is where I am having issues.

I’ve also read some people are using rye flour in lieu of baking soda, but that it is messy and leaves behind residues. I don’t love the sound of that. Looking for suggestions of other safe alternatives or if ACV will counteract the negative effects of the baking soda.