Partner dumping me over hair odor

So I haven’t washed my hair in years. My new partner says my head/hair smells like a wet dog. It is either wash it or they are moving out. BTW, his butt region smells a lot also but who am I to complain. Any suggestions???.

I think he’s being really disrespectful. You’ve chosen no poo as a lifestyle choice, I’m assuming you’ve done so for personal reasons that likely mean a lot to you. He’s disrespecting something that has meaning to you, which says a lot about how much he respects you. In the end, do you want to stay with someone who doesn’t take your values seriously? There’s a lack of support here, and support is necessary in any relationship.

Have you tried talking to him about what no poo means to you-why it’s so important? Maybe he’ll listen and it will calm his concerns. If he won’t listen, that further shows a lack of support for you and your ideals. He may not be right for you…and in the end, is it worth staying with someone like that? It can be scary to change, but there could be (and likely is) someone out there who holds similar ideals and interests to yours.

Just some things to think about!

Plus, he should really wash his butt. Just sayin’

LMAO from what you said “I haven’t washed my hair in years” you have nothing to do with No Poo.

You are doing something else. We wash our hair REGULARLY. I do it once per day - just water, no shampoo.

What you are saying - YOU DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR AT ALL. There’s no magic pill LMAO. There’s no coconut extract or perfect soda-to-water ratio. We just wash our hair.

“My new partner says my head/hair smells like a wet dog. It is either wash it or they are moving out”.

“They”? Does your new partner have multiple personality disorder?

I haven’t used shampoo/conditioner for almost 15 yrs, no smell - - - earlier I used baking soda/ACV, now its light rye flour/ACV.