Oily Scalp & Forehead Breakout

I just want to share with you all my amazing experience and discovery.

I am 33 years old, male and have somewhat long hair like shaggy hair where my front hair covers my forehead kind of how girls would say bangs. Because of this, I noticed breakouts and excessively oils on my skin, around my nose, forehead, and on scalp. Therefore, making my hair look wet, oily.

I am water only poo since December 2018 but once a month, I use conditioner which I think I will cease after my amazing discovery.

About a month or so, I began an 8 day water only fast no food, no salt, just spring water and noticed that my skin on my face and scalp has cleared up and n on her my body was producing too much oils on my scalp and forehead and the break out has ceased they dried out and fell out like dirty to wipe off.

Water only fast has brought back like a reset back to my body balance and I am loving the results. I have heard of healing and resetting your body, spirit and soul and it sure did. My hair no longer over produces too much oil

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